Secured & Unsecured Loan Rates

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12 Months7.99% APR8.49% APR9.49% APR11.24% APR13.74% APR15.24% APR
24 Months8.24% APR8.74% APR9.74% APR11.49% APR13.99% APR15.49% APR
36 Months8.49% APR8.99% APR9.99% APR11.74% APR14.24% APR15.74% APR
48 Months8.74% APR9.24% APR10.24% APR11.99% APR14.49% APR15.99% APR
Share/CD Secured3.24% APR3.24% APR3.24% APR3.24% APR3.24% APR3.24% APR

APR = Annual Percentage Rate.  Rates, terms, collateral and down payments affect the monthly payment. As an example, the monthly payment for 15,000.00 financed at 24 months with an APR of 8.24% is  $680.13.