Certificate of Deposit Rates

Rates Effective as of May 1, 2020


TermTruAdvantage APY*TruBenefits APY*Regular APY*
3 Month0.60%0.45%0.35%
6 Month0.85%0.70%0.60%
9 Month1.00%0.85%0.75%
12 Month1.15%1.00%0.90%
18 Month1.30%1.15%1.05%
24 Month1.35%1.20%1.10%
36 Month1.40%1.25%1.15%
48 Month1.50%1.35%1.25%
60 Month1.70%1.55%1.45%

Minimum investment for IRA/ESA/CDs is $500. For more on the TruBenefits and TruAdvantages membership options, visit our membership page.

Additional CD Rates

Additional Certificates of Deposit   
12 Month Savings Builder CDMaximum deposit $100 per week0.90%
12 Month Youth Savers CDWeekly deposit limits are a minimum of $250 and a maximum of $1,000 . 0.90%

*All rates above stated as APY (Annual Percentage Yield)