TruPartner strives to offer exceptional financial services while maintaining the cooperative spirit that sets credit unions apart. As a member-owned institution, we aim to support your financial well-being and help you achieve your goals.

Our fee schedule has been carefully designed to reflect the costs of various services and transactions. By outlining these fees, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the charges involved, enabling you to make informed decisions about your financial activities.

Effective October 1, 2023


Checking AccountsFee
TruPartner CheckingFree
Fresh Start Checking$10/month
Interest Checking$5/mo (if balance <$1,500)
Copy of Draft$3
Counter/Starter Checks$5/page (4 checks)
Insufficient Funds$30
Courtesy Pay$30/transaction
Stop Payment$30
Photocopy of Paid Check$3 (free Online)
Returned Check$20
Returned Check - Fraud$50
Check Printing FeeDepends on style
ATM/Debit/Credit CardFee
Reissue/Replace Card (per year)1st Free 2nd $10
3rd+ $20
PIN ChangeFree
Withdrawals (TPCU ATM)Free
Withdrawals (Non-TruPartner ATM)$2 (6 free/month)
Expedited Delivery$35
Returned Check$20
Returned Check - Fraud$50
Wire TransfersFee
Account Activity Printout$2/page
Account Research/Balancing$25/hr
Live Agent Phone Assist
balance inquiry or transfer
Copy of Draft$3
Foreign Check Processing$10
Dormant Account Fee ~$5/month
Subordination Fee$250
Mailed Statement*$2
Statement Copy$2
Money Order$3
Notary (non-members)$5
Official Check$5
On-us Check (non members)greater of $5 or 1%
Copy of Draft$3
Pay by Phone$10
Reopen Account within 12 months$20
Returned Mail$5
Tax Lien/Garnishment$30
Third-Party Check^$10/check
Cash Back Transaction fee#$2
Cash Advancegreater of $5 or 2%

^Third party government checks or insurance checks not accepted

# Waived with combined balance of $300 or more (deposits and/or loans), or an active checking account (2 non-cash withdrawals/mo), or member <18yrs old

*Waived if primary member is under 18 years old or born before 1960

~No account activity on any loan or account for 12 mo, acct is <$500, member is >24 yr old