Auto Loan Rates

Rates effective as of  June 1, 2024


Less than 5 years old5-10 years old
11-24 years old
Up to 66 months67-75 months76 to 84 monthsup to 66 monthsup to 48 months
as low as 6.49%APRas low as 6.99%APRas low as 7.99%APRas low as 7.74%APRas low as 8.99%APR

All rates listed are Annual Percentage Rates. Minimum credit score required for the as low as rates is 720. Rates, terms and down payments affect the monthly payment. As an example, the monthly payment for 20,000.00 financed at 60 months with an APR of 6.49% is  $391.23. * All loans are subject to approval. Rates, terms, and conditions are subject to change.