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We Can Help

Let’s face it; it’s really hard to pay cash for everything. Although there are some people who are able to, some of us need a little help. TruPartner Credit Union doesn’t just offer loans, we offer loans that make sense. With great rates, simple interest, and no early prepayment fees, you won’t find a better loan for what you need

Even More Help                                                                                                      

 There may be an occasion where you money gets tight. If you could just skip your loan payment for a month you could make it. Well here is you answer…

TruPartner members with qualifying loans may be eligible for our Skip-A-Pay program. A small fee allows you to skip one payment per loan, per year. The payment is added to the end of your loan, freeing up money for today.

Simply log-in to your NetTeller Online Banking. From the home page, select “Services” and then choose “Loan Payment Skip” from the menu.